19 Personalized Easter Baskets & Gifts

    This is to the mothers.

    To the frosting of birthday cakes to the Easter egg hunts.

    To the love that grows stronger as their hands grow weaker and the Easter eggs get easier to find.

    This is to the mothers.

    Here are some personalized Easter gifts for the entire family; from adults (men & women) to teens (boys & girls) to kids & toddlers. Whether you want chocolate eggs, flowers, bunny or unicorn in your Easter basket or bag, this personalized gift guide is sure to fill you up with something sweet! Want more ideas? Check out these gift guides to find cute gifts for best friends and outstanding gifts to surprise mom.

  1. for the classy and chic
    Limited Edition Pink Rose Bear
  2. "To me, flowers are happiness." This Limited Edition Pink Rose Bear charming gift for any girl who loves flowers but not the wilting. Instead of a bouquet that will wilt the week after Easter, the rose bear will exceed your expectations with well-defined ears and nose, super vibrant color, and a luxurious look!

  3. for the jewelry obsessed
    Cat and Bell Drop Earrings
  4. "You never really know a woman until you've seen her jewelry." Made with Sterling Silver 925, this high quality made earrings won't bother her ears at all. This Easter, she will receive a lot of compliments on how cute the Cat and Bell Drop earrings are.

  5. for the unique celebrities
    Personalized Colorful Dots Easter Basket
  6. "There is no greater joy than helping other bunnies hop higher than they ever thought they could." Surprise kids (or adults, we're not judging) with this sturdy and well made Personalized Colorful Dots Easter Basket. Perfect for anyone's first Easter and the pattern/fabric is cute but not too girlie. The name of your choice is printed on the fabric, free of charge. The handle moves/collapses to make room for bigger items and the fabric is washable!

  7. for the buy-in-bulk discount peeps
    Easter Eggs Festival Easter Baskets, Pack of 12
  8. "Once a bunny loves you, they'll always love you!". If you're working with a classroom full of kids, church events or large groups, the Easter Eggs Festival Easter Baskets is for you. These baskets are the right size and come in great colors. They have two handles making it easy for kids to carry. It comes in a pack of 12 at a great bargain!

  9. for the special collectors
    6 Hatchimals Easter Basket
  10. "Time to hatch a new friend!" This 6 piece Hatchimals Easter Basket is great to put in the Easter basket for the kids and toddlers. It's something they will enjoy collecting and they will be so excited, it is any Hatchimal collector's "basket of treasures." Fast delivery guaranteed by Amazon, the Hatchimals 6 piece set will arrive in time this Easter for the kids to enjoy.

  11. for the meat lovers
    Buffalo Bills 12-Piece Beef Jerky
  12. "Keep calm and eat beef jerky." We told you we this is list also for adult men, and what else is better to fill their Easter baskets than with Buffalo Bills 12-Piece Beef Jerky. These are nice size bags and contain a good variety, the only other thing filled than their Easter baskets are their stomachs! The jerky is excellent: not too tough, not too soft, and contain a variety from hot to mild.

  13. for the monster with growing teeth
    Textured Carrot Teether
  14. We didn't forget to give to the littlest of them all! Your toddlers will love the Textured Carrot Teether in their Easter basket, it is a great material and easy to grab. The thickness is nice for teething and is also not hollow so it is easy to wash and no mold issues. It also works well for pets! (just get another one for them though) This teether is nice because it's not as 'sticky' as others and it is easy for your toddler to grip and move around to the side of their mouth. It has bumpy yet soft edges for them to chew on - they will be a fan guaranteed. Adults will think it's super cute to see them gnaw on an oversized carrot!

  15. for the lively and animated
    Personalized Kids Easter Basket with Gingham Ears
  16. "Everybunny needs somebunny sometimes." The Personalized Kids Easter Basket with Gingham Ears is really soft to touch and having it personalized is even better. It is well constructed and large enough to fill with treats and gifts this Easter.

  17. for the modern and sophisticated
    Personalized Easter Basket Pink Theme
  18. "The fact that bunnies exist is proof that everything is going to be ok." The quality of the Personalized Easter Basket Pink Theme is amazingly awesome. It is very cute and once filled up with Eater stuffed toys, the tote handle can also wrap around the toys. This basket is huge and the company that makes them has many satisfied returned customers. The stitching and embroidery are excellent on this personalized Easter basket.

  19. for the party girl
    Rose Easter Bunny Basket
  20. "Will you be my Easter Honey Bunny?" This Rose Easter Bunny Basket is priced right and very big. It will fit lots of Easter eggs and is a beautiful color with a rose pattern design.

  21. for the fashionista
    Striped Easter Bunny Basket
  22. The Striped Easter Bunny Basket is a great basket, perfect for holding Easter eggs. You can add some paint and buttons for a DIY experience with your kids. A very cute and well-made basket with contrasting pink and navy color.

  23. for the Willy Wonka chocolate lovers
    Oreo Easter Chocolate Candy Eggs
  24. "No I'm not addicted to chocolate. Chocolate is addicted to me." These Oreo Easter Chocolate Candy Eggs are packed with a ton of flavor - Oreo cream with Oreo cookie bits inside a chocolate shell. The chocolate is delicious and the filling is soft, everyone will love these in their Easter baskets. It comes with 48 individually wrapped eggs, each containing Vitamin C to boost their immune systems.

  25. for the chocolate connoisseur
    Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles
  26. "Nine out ten people like chocolate, the tenth person always lies." This 60 individually wrapped pieces of Lindor Chocolate Truffles is so fancy, it even ships with ice packs! With many satisfied customers, Lindor certainly has crafted the perfect white chocolate exterior and creamy liquid center. Good to share with others - "Just take one, please!"

  27. for the rose type person
    Galaxy Rose
  28. "One rose is enough for the dawn." This breathtaking rose is designed to last for eternity. Handcrafted by professionals with exquisite precision and quality, the roses are eye-catching and will effortlessly be the topic of conversation when they twinkle in the light. It's the perfect gift for any girl this Easter.

  29. for the beauty and for the beast
    Galaxy Eternal Rose
  30. "For who could ever learn to love a beast?" This stylishly designed Galaxy Eternal Rose is not beast material but is perfect for the beauty in your life. Comes with 40 bulbs of subtle warm white light and 8 lighting modes, the Galaxy Eternal Rose will last you for a lifetime of Easters to come.

  31. for anyone that loves animals
    Pink Piggy Ring
  32. "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment to animals." Made with Sterling Silver 925, this high-quality Pink Piggy Ring is perfect for any girl this Easter. In addition to no tarnish and no loss of shine, this Piggy Ring is also stylish and cute.

  33. for the vivacious and bubbly
    Cute Animal Crossbody Handbag
  34. "The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man." Extremely well made and cute, this Cute Animal Crossbody Handbag is big enough to store all her essentials! Sporting adjustable straps and fully functional zippers (did we forget to say it's the cutest ever?), your she can't wait to show it off to everyone this Easter!

  35. for the organic-only cooker
    Le Creuset Honey Pot
  36. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." The Le Creuset Stoneware Honey Pot with silicone honey dipper makes it easy to keep a drizzle of natural sweetness close by. Even a bee would agree and stop by this Easter, this pot is perfect to keep your honey fresh. Also easy-to-clean and heat-safe, the honey pot can be heated in the oven whenever the honey gets a little thick.

  37. for your simple and formal girl
    Crossbody Clock Purse
  38. "She wasn’t a fashionista, but she recognized expensive when she saw it." This simple and formal purse is big enough to fit her essentials this Easter: a phone, lipstick, makeup, accessories, sunglasses, a wallet, and even her Easter eggs. Add tassels and fun things to it for a nice light spring summer casual purse! The size and strap is comfortable and well made.

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