25 Sustainable Clothing Brands You'll Love

    Being green is more than just buying 'eco'

    It is an unshakable commitment

    To a sustainable lifestyle.

    These affordable sustainable clothing brands helps us feel good, look good, and live more consciously with sustainable & Eco-friendly materials, non-toxic & low-impact dyes, fair labor, vegan, ethical, recyclable, etc. Want more ideas? Check out these gift guides to find gifts for mom under 50 and cute gifts for your best friends.

  1. for the adventurer
  2. Is it even a list of sustainable brands if you don’t cite Patagonia Inc.? The company has made sustainability its main pillar and it offers real high-quality outdoor apparel with a low impact on the environment.

  3. for the duck lover
    Save The Duck
  4. An Italian excellence Born in Milan, Save the Duck is famous for its fun, stylish jackets that are completely animal- and cruelty-free. The company was also awarded “Company of the Year 2019” by PETA for its extraordinary efforts towards sustainability and ethics.

  5. for the sporty type
  6. Are you the sporty type who likes traveling but also staying eco-friendly? From sustainable materials to low carbon emissions, Kathmandu is truly engaged in developing sustainable products and offering high quality outdoor apparel and equipment.

  7. for the wild type
    United By Blue
  8. Their goal: recycling plastics into clothing and keeping the oceans clean. Plus, for every purchase the company cleans up one pound of trash from the oceans: simply great!

  9. for the fast fashion alternative
    Alternative Apparel
  10. As the name suggests, a valid alternative to fast fashion products: Soft, sustainable fabrics and high standards for eco-friendly and modern clothing lines.

  11. for the premium person
    Eileen Fisher
  12. A truly inclusive premium brand that aims to tackle both social and environmental issues. What we love of this brand: the recycled and organic fabrics, the commitment to preserve forests, the sustainable dyeing technology.

  13. for the jeans lover
  14. MUD developed a successful, innovative business model for one of the most used clothing pieces in the world: Jeans. With the concept “Lease A Jeans”, you can rent your jeans instead of buying them: Stay stylish, stay circular!

  15. for the recycle conscious
    Better World Fashion
  16. Well, the name is self-explanatory. From leather jackets to bags and accessories, Better World Fashion uses recycled materials for their products and takes care of them when you’re done using them. In fact, the company created a similar concept to MUD Jeans: You can lease jackets for a monthly fee and then return them, and Better World Fashion will upcycle them or re-rent them.

  17. for the glasses user
  18. You just can’t get around without your sunglasses? Then you should check out Parafina for your next treat: Sunglasses made from recycled materials that are also affordable and absolutely stunning, what more could we ask for? Oh yes, Parafina also provides funds for enhancing education in Latin America.

  19. for the person with a fear of insects
    Insecta Shoes
  20. This Brazilian brand has one clear mission: Creating beautiful shoes that also have a positive social and environmental impact, and Insecta is proving us that this is not only possible, but also awesome. Their products are 100% vegan and made from a range of sustainable materials, from recycled bottles to vegan leather.

  21. for the active type
    Organic Basics
  22. If you want to start from the basics, you’re in the right place! Choosing high quality materials to put on our skin is a great starting point, and Organic Basics has a whole range of eco-friendly underwear, tees, accessories and activewear to choose from: Stylish, minimalistic and 100% sustainable.

  23. for the leather addicted
    Parker Clay
  24. Premium leather bags and accessories entirely made in Ethiopia: Parker Clay is really committed to making a positive social impact, by ensuring a safe workplace and empowering Ethiopian women.

  25. for the fair-trader
    Indigenous Impact Fashion
  26. On Indigenous you can find basically anything you need, and everything is fair-traded, natural and organic: Each product is designed to minimize the company’s social and environmental impact while making you look gorgeous.

  27. for the waste fighter
  28. Helpsy’s teaching us that #ClothesarentTrash! The company’s main mission is to fight waste in the fashion industry, by collecting clothes and recycling or upcycling them to a second life. If you need o throw away your old clothes, give it a go!

  29. for the ethical type
    Thread Harvest
  30. If you don’t feel like surfing ten different websites for your ethical shopping, take a look at Thread Harvest: One single plaform for many different certified and awesome sustainable brands, that lets you find items that satisfy your core values. Easy-peasy!

  31. for the sock connoisseur
  32. Simply the coolest sporty sock company ever: The products have great design and prints, but also plastic free packaging and sustainable fibers such as bamboo, organic cotton and hemp. Company-wise, Merge4 is active on several environmental initiatives.

  33. for the local supporter
    The Good Store
  34. The Good Store is another online plaform that partners up with sustainable brands to offer a variety of eco-friendly options, including sweaters and tees, underwear and sunglasses.

  35. for the Argentinian
    Stay True Clothing
  36. Awarded with several certifications for their environmental and social efforts, Stay True Clothing is an Argentinian brand that produces premium t-shirts made of organic and biodynamic cotton, and that is committed to helping local communities flourish.

  37. for the eco-friendly
    Grey Rock Clothing CO.
  38. A sweatshop-free business that collaborates with certified suppliers to deliver ethical clothing pieces and accessories: Many of the products sold by the shop are made of eco-friendly materials such as hemp, bamboo, recycled plastics and organic cotton.

  39. for the plastic fighter
    Little Bird Yellow
  40. A cute name for a great mission: Responsibly sourcing organic cotton is what distinguishes this brand, along with a strong attention to avoiding single-use plastic packaging.

  41. for the skin obsessed
    WAMA Underwear
  42. For those who want the best for their skin while caring for the planet. Natural, organic, eco-friendly and vegan approved underwear.

  43. for those who want jeans with a purpose
    Outland Denim
  44. Jeans with a purpose: Sustainable raw materials and a business that aims to help and empower women.

  45. for the luxe vegan
  46. Everyone should know that fur is bad, and Pelush offers a valid alternative. Vegan approved luxury faux furs for those who seek an elegant but cruelty-free look.

  47. for the organic obsessed
  48. “Organic” is the watchword. Stylish, natural and sustainable clothes for everyone and for every pocket: Pact’s mission is to make organic clothing affordable for everyone.

  49. for the sustainable person
    People Tree
  50. A real pioneer in sustainable fashion, a long story of commitment to sustainable and responsible products: People Tree created a wide range of apparel for those who seek a trusted brand. Also, vegan-approved by PETA.

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